International Fintechs with NZ Arms


I think FintechNZ should be recognising the presence of some significant foreign-owned fintechs in the NZ marketplace. These technology-organisations have significant product development/service management offices in New Zealand and a) deserve recognition for their presence here and b) should be encouraged to do more in New Zealand.

Examples I have include:-

  • Fiserv - mobile banking product development based in Auckland - 100s of banks globally use mobile banking products developed in Auckland
  • WEX - WEX is a B2B payments provider with strengths in fuel cards and virtual payments. WEX also has a significant product/platform development team based in Auckland
  • Fleetcor - Fleetcor acquired Cardlink 10 or so years ago. Fleetcor develops card programmes for major oil companies in Asia Pacific and serves customers from New Zealand and Australia.
  • FNZ - FNZ is arguably NZ’s most successful fintech in the wealth management industry. Founded and incubated in Wellington FNZ are now based in the UK thought they still retain a significant product management/development presence in Auckland and Wellington serving global clients such as Aviva. Adrian Durham - the Wellingtonian founder is still the CEO and now resides in the UK.

So do others agree and who else has more of these companies?