Get to know NZ fintech companies


Checkout and list NZ companies that are driving the fintech ecosystem.

Interesting Fintech companies

#3 An AI chat bot that is your personal banker. Created by Auckland developer Ben Lynch. Jude uses your bank’s online banking to organise and optimise your finances.


All NZ organisations that value their hard earned cash and use the Internet banking service to pay their suppliers and employees need a systematic payment approval process and a means to check each transaction for authenticity. Vigilance does that and more. Take a close look at an exceptional Kiwi fintech -


Here is a bunch… I can see has already been mentioned…

Remittances/Money Transfers

Currency Online
We’ve specialized in providing international money transfer services since 1986, and have operated an online money transfer service since 1997. Whether it’s moving personal foreign currency overseas, arranging an international money transfer or sending a payment, Currency Online gives you the flexibility you need 24 hours a day.

Liberac is a local company using internet and block-chain technologies to reduce costs of money transfers, passing on these savings to our community of users. We aim to provide a secure service that ensures you receive the best currency exchange rates and the lowest fees possible. This means family back home will receive more of what you send than they have ever before, that’s what we want to achieve.


Sell in‑store, online & on‑the‑go with Vend. Vend is retail POS software, inventory management, ecommerce & customer loyalty for iPad, Mac and PC. Easily manage and grow your business in the cloud.
Pushpay is the fastest secure mobile payment available! We allow a 10 second payment, that is very simple, secure and fast! And no extra hardware is needed. Pushpay is designed for two simple purposes: Firstly, to help organisations improve their business by helping your organisation 'get paid quicker’​. Secondly, to simplify everyday payments or donations for anyone with a smartphone.
Payments are changing fast – mobiles are replacing PCs at the POS, servers are moving to the cloud, card rails are being displaced by bank rails whilst software continues to eat the world. Marrakash represents this new world. A world where the POS has moved to mobile, where the value is no longer in the payment instrument but the assistance the provider can provide the merchant in running better businesses, where multiple payment methods are supported and commodity devices replace commodity payments hardware.

Avali Pay
At Avali we believe payments should be simple and we’re delivering on that by providing an online payment option using bank payments. Kiwis use bank payments frequently now and it’s the country’s fastest growing payment method. As well as avoiding costly credit card fees, it’s a process that’s familiar and safe, and we’re working with leading banks to roll it out to more users. Avali is based in Wellington, New Zealand Avali is regulated by DIA for anti money laundering compliance, is a registered Financial Services Provider, and a member of the FSCL dispute resolution scheme.

Genoapay has built a global platform that gives organisations the easiest way to create payment plans with customers at point of sale. Consumers demand the ability to pay for what the need over time and Genoapay gives organisations the ability to offer the most affordable payment solution. When a consumer is choosing between an organisation that offers payment plans and one that tells them to go and apply for a short term loan 94% of those consumers will choose a payment plan option directly with the organisation. As well as a competitive advantage payment plans lower the barrier to entry and drive customer acquisition. When a Customer purchases with a plan the standard transactional relationship instantly changes and you have created a long term relationship. We offer a world class mobile friendly digital purchase interface that establishes payment plans with customers quickly. Genoapay supports clients through the automated payment plan tracking and digital negotiation platform. We provide your organisation with a payment method that allows more consumers to pay than any other.

Paypr by Paymark
Paypr is the only way to get receipts automatically on your phone. Powered by New Zealand’s largest payment network and integrated with Xero, Paypr makes dealing with your expenses less of a pain and more of a pleasure.

Fetch by Kiwibank
For receiving payments as a store - accepts payments from MasterCard and Visa debit and credit cards.


Insurely (NZ)
Insurely is providing a simplistic online platform for small to medium businesses to research, choose and sign up for insurance policies. The platform uses AI to give users advice and provide organisation around its insurance policies.

Equity Financing

Snowball Effect


Lending Crowd
Lending Crowd is a financial technology company built on decades of experience in the finance and technology spaces. We combine some clever ideas with the latest technology to create and operate a marketplace where people with money to invest connect directly and anonymously with people looking to borrow.

LendMe is a New Zealand owned and operated P2P lending platform which matches borrowers requiring loans with lenders wanting to invest their money. Borrowers apply for loans between $25,000 and $2 million, and lenders may fund loans in full or in increments of $1,000. Lenders can get started with as little as $1,000 and there is no limit to how much they can lend. All loans are secured against assets, most commonly 1st mortgages over property.

Harmoney is Australasia’s leading peer-to-peer lending platform that matches borrowers with investors.

Research & Data

SavvyKiwi empowers you to make the best decisions about your KiwiSaver savings through our online tool. Use our services to review where to invest your KiwiSaver funds and then simply track it against its peers to help you maximise its potential. Relax, we will alert you when there are significant changes to your fund and even help you switch to a more appropriate one if you need to.

ShareClarity is a first-of-a-kind information platform that provides collaborative company analyses and share price valuations for Australian and New Zealand listed companies.

Banking Infrastructure

Xero is the emerging leader in online accounting, providing business owners with real-time visibility of their financial position in a way that’s simple, smart and secure.
For advisors such as accountants and bookkeepers, Xero forges a trusted relationships with clients through online collaboration and gives them the opportunity to extend their services. Xero is a new type of multinational with teams around the world united in our passion to revolutionize small business.


My Bitcoin Saver is the world’s first dedicated Bitcoin savings platform allowing anyone to easily save Bitcoin. Taking advantage of Dollar Cost Averaging through a simple ‘set and forget’ process, My Bitcoin Saver allows anyone to be part of this exciting technology by easily saving Bitcoin in the background of life.

Liberac is a local company using internet and block-chain technologies to reduce costs of money transfers, passing on these savings to our community of users. We aim to provide a secure service that ensures you receive the best currency exchange rates and the lowest fees possible. This means family back home will receive more of what you send than they have ever before, that’s what we want to achieve.


Accounting Pod
AccountingPod provides an education platform where users are able to learn about a real life business in an industry of their choice. The startup wants to create a fun way to learn about finance in the digital age and ultimately grow financial literacy worldwide.
Sustainable businesses are financially literate businesses. AccountingPod reimagines financial education for the future. We love small businesses. We were born to empower financial education for every small business in the world. We are just getting started.

Banqer is an online monetary platform for students aged 8 - 12 that enables practical application of core financial capabilities. Banqer allows students to learn about financial literacy responsibility in an engaging and immersive way.


Grafts is New Zealand’s first hybrid robo-advice platform providing expert, online advice about Kiwisaver at no cost. We are knocking down the barriers and helping even the smallest investors access expert financial and investment advice.
Shortly we will be expanding our service, providing customers with easily accessible, extremely affordable, investments and advice outside of Kiwisaver.

Jude combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing to deliver amazing new financial experiences to consumers using messaging as the interface.
Fintech Innovation Challenge finalists 2016

We are building an automated portfolio management tool. Funds will be passively managed following the research by Fama-French and Modern Portfolio Theory.
This will enable us to charge a significantly lower fee on Kiwi’s investments, saving them tens of thousands of dollars (sometimes more than 100,000).

Having an investment portfolio is no longer a rich man’s game. Sharesies allows you to get started investing from just $5.


I’ve also started working on a NZ FinTech Ecosystem diagram as I couldn’t find one…


Yes, I understand the Xero are building in machine learning smarts to perform AML. The blockchain also has uses there although SME implementations are probably a ways off.
Looks like Vigilance is making some headway. The security and fraud aspect of FinTech doesn’t get enough attention to my mind…


Another company to add to the Insurance Sector
Website :

InsuredHQ is a New Zealand-based developer of software solutions for insurers, agents and brokers. The InsuredHQ platform has a customer-facing online quoting system and includes complete back-office functions (policy management, claims, accounts and document production), plus full integration with Xero, the online accounting system. It is also fully and uniquely configurable, allowing complete customisation for each client - without the big price tag.

InsuredHQ has been specifically designed to be attractive to the SME market worldwide, emerging markets and the microinsurance market - and anyone else who wants to escape open ended implementation charges, user licence fees and annual maintenance and support costs.


Mortgage & Finance Brokers

FileInvite automates the document collection process for brokers. Request documents, then fileinvite chases, collects and files them for you in your Cloud storage or Drive. Can also be used for Accounting, Education and application collection. Stop chasing client documents!